I have a love for nature. I enjoy its timeless energy that syncs us whenever we are close to it. Often, I’ll find myself lost in flowing pleasure sketching things related to nature. So, I decided to follow my heart to dedicate myself to share and connect this love for nature with the world, using my love for sketching and nature.

Being with nature always manages to slow down my ever busy mind and it subtly tugs on our interconnected threads with the universe. I prefer a sketch to coloured picture because a sketch resonates different feelings in each of us and leaves more room for our imagination. A shaded tree may have lively green leaves in spring to one but melancholic auburn leaves in autumn to another person. Our mind will give it our colours in unspoken ways at that moment in time, relating to us in our own unique ways.

It feels relaxing being around nature. At times it evokes a blissful feeling that touches deep into my heart, sometimes even in places people often overlook, like a common park or small neighbourhood garden. Enjoying simple bliss is often a hidden desire which we feel guilty to show, after filling up our life goals with seeking societal desires. The sketches I’m sharing along with my thoughts and feelings are places where I have experienced a strong feeling of simple bliss.